Designed and manufactured by Fire Detection Devices Ltd., THERMOFLEX™ heat detectors are recognized as the most reliable solution to spot-type heat detection requirements.  Our construction, calibration and intricate testing techniques ensure decades-long functionality. The THERMOFLEX™ product line features a variety of different models, providing a solution for all environments including outdoor and hazardous area applications. 

Why consider THERMOFLEX™?

Because we know that in a fire emergency,  every second counts

Working together, Detection and Suppression are instrumental to the safety of life and property in a fire condition.  For suppression, sprinklers are undeniably the most effective way of extinguishing a fire. However, since sprinkler heads operate only when the ceiling temperature reaches a specific fixed temperature, they respond to a fire condition that is well established. A properly applied,  rate-of-rise heat detector will respond to a rate of temperature increase of 8.4° C degrees per minute or greater.  With the ability to detect temperature increases, the rate-of-rise type detector will often initiate a fire alarm warning precious minutes before the sprinkler system will initiate a signal.

In UL laboratory tests, the rate-of-rise operation of the THERMOFLEX™ detectors is activated such that they are granted inter-detector spacing of 21 meters, or 70 feet.  This is compared to the operation of a 165° F sprinkler, providing the head is within 3 meters (10 feet) of the heat source.

The simplicity of the THERMOFLEX™ design utilizes a set of contacts, the most common being normally open, that are installed directly onto a fire alarm initiating circuit; there are no electronic circuits, and no factory installed proprietary addressable modules. In short, the THERMOFLEX™ detector is compatible with virtually every fire alarm control panel on the market.  Should the detector need to be addressable, a module can be field-installed into the back box.

Rugged and Robust
There are many attributes of the THERMOFLEX™ detector that set it apart from the competition. 

  •     The non-metallic, patented diaphragm allows each THERMOFLEX™ detector to operate reliably in temperatures from +30° C to -40° C.
  •     The anodized aluminum finish means the detector will retain its sleek appearance over time.
  •     The interior sealed chamber allows the unit to be installed in dusty, acidic and caustic environments.
  •     The fusible link mechanism, when released, will keep the contacts in alarm condition until the panel is reset.
  •     Separate terminal screws are available for the connection of each circuit wire, up to 12AWG.
  •     There is room between the detector and the electrical back box to allow for the installation of system-specific addressable modules.
  •     In 1964, the THERMOFLEX™ rate-of-rise models were granted an unprecedented 70’ inter-detector spacing by UL/ULC; a rating that has been maintained for almost five decades.

We are proud to offer a variety of THERMOFLEX™ models, each designed uniquely for a variety of applications. Feel free to browse through the different models to find the most suitable solution for your needs or call us and one of our professionals will advise you as to which modification will fit your application best.